Country Road unveils denim garments made with Tencel fibre

Lenzing Group, an international company that produces high-quality fibres from renewable raw material wood, has joined hands with Country Road, Australia's leading fashion retailer. Under the collaboration, Country Road is the first Australian retailer making denim garments with Lenzing's Tencel Lyocell fibres and Lenzing's innovative Refibra technology.

Country Road's top selling Sateen Jean is now made from Tencel Lyocell using Refibra technology by Lenzing. The fabrication created by Spanish mill Tejidos Royo is smooth and gentle on the skin, while being strong and durable for everyday wear. The Sateen Jean will be available online and at 80 store locations across Australia and New Zealand. Denim garments made with Refibra technology are smooth and gentle on skin, yet versatile, strong and durable for everyday wear.

Devan Chemicals unveils Moov&Cool technology

Textile finishing expert, Devan Chemicals, has unveiled new Moov&Cool technology. Detailed as a 'cool comfort technology', the innovation has the potential to improve athletic performances by regulating core body temperature. The technology leads to absorption of heat during performance and improvement of moisture management properties of the fabric.

The patent-pending Moov&Cool is a multi-functional polymer technology. applied by either padding or spray. the treatment targets and regulates core body temperature and simultaneously reacts to sweat build-up and heat emission. Devan's technology has been brought to life in an effort to boost the performances of athletes. The company collaborated with the University of Leuven (Belgium) and the Bakala Academy to evaluate and prove the finishing technology. According to Devan, the first results look promising as they have seen an effect on heart rate and lactate levels.

Epson displays new Monna Lisa Evo Tre 16 printer at FESPA

Epson and its subsidiaries, For.Tex and F.lli Robustelli, displays the new Monna Lisa Evo Tre 16 printer at the FESPA 2018 expo.. Epson is a leader in inkjet printers and digital printing systems. The digital printer was designed by the engineering company F.lli Robustelli and boasts the latest innovative and exclusive proprietary printing technology, Epson PrecisionCore, which is considered the standard for high-quality digital printing in the industrial textile sector.

The new Monna Lisa Evo Tre on-show has 16 heads, with eight colours and the ability to use acid, reactive, disperse, and pigment inks. It is extremely versatile and can adapt to a continually evolving market such as textiles. Monna Lisa Evo Tre 16 is available in three different print heights (180-220-320 cm) and meets the needs of a market, which requires high print quality but not high productivity; instead, it focuses on products of excellence.

Invista shows Lycra T400 fibre at Kingpins New York

Invista, owner of the Lycra brand, is showing a new version of its popular Lycra T400 fibre with enhanced sustainability, at Kingpins New York, which is being held on June 6 and 7, 2018. Lycra T400 fibre with EcoMade technology is made from a combination of recycled materials such as PET bottles diverted from landfills and renewable plant-based materials.

The innovation will appeal to members of the apparel value chain interested in developing more sustainable denim and wovens collections. The original Lycra T400 fibre is the building block for a number of the brand's popular stretch denim concepts including Lycra dualFX, Lycra XFIT, and Lycra TOUGH MAX technologies. Lycra T400 EcoMade fibre offers the same benefits of lasting comfort, fit and performance as the original, but with the value-added offer of sustainability. Jean Hegedus, Invista apparel & advanced textiles' global segment leader for denim said, “We're excited to introduce Lycra T400 EcoMade technology to show visitors. It can be paired with sustainable rigid fibre offerings such as BCI cotton, Tencel lyocell, or others, so brands and retailers can amplify their eco-friendly message to consumers.”

Isko displays latest sustainable denim at CFS 2018

Isko, a leading, global denim ingredient brand, displayed the future of responsible denim at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit (CFS) 2018. Isko is the principal sponsor of the event.

In the CFS innovation forum, visitors can explore the new Isko Earth Fit collection and share its responsible innovation mission with an interactive space. Visitors can feel the fabrics, reflect on the future of fashion and share collaborative messages championing a responsible future at the Isko wall.

Isko unveiled its third Isko Earth Fit collection for the first time, the pinnacle of its responsible innovation strategy, bringing the total number of fabrics to 49.

Kornit Digital introduces new direct-to-garment printing system

Kornit Digital has announced the introduction of the new Storm HD6 direct-to-garment printing system. The new systems are the result of Kornit's experience gained from 15 years of direct-to-garment printing innovation and a very large installed base of systems. The Storm HD6, to be revealed at FESPA Berlin, allows small to mid-size businesses to drastically reduce their cost per print, enjoy high definition image quality and improved hand feel, with an enhanced colour management experience.

Kornit will implement the HD technology in the Storm platform combined with the NeoPigmentTM Rapid ink, leading to significant reductions in ink consumption and cost per print.

The new cost per print level makes the new HD systems an attractive choice for screen printers and digital printers for print runs between one and 500 copies. This ink offers an improved gamut for spot and brand colour matching, increased opacity and saturation of the white ink.

Kern-Liebers Textile unveils latest Relanit Sinkers

Kern-Liebers Textile, developers of the world's leading range of high quality parts and components for high-performance knitting systems in the textile industry, headquartered in Germany, has introduced a new generation of Relanit Sinkers. The sinker fully meets the latest requirements of the advanced knitted machines in the textile market.

The new generation enables the production of all kinds of knitted fabrics. A uniform pattern can be ensured even for highly advanced knitted fabrics. Due to the new development, the range of strength of knitted fabrics can be considerably extended.Based on its long experience as an OEM supplier of Mayer & Cie, the company has managed the perfect adjustments to reach the latest demands of the markets. This new 'High End' product of the highest quality level, is a further achievement of the world's biggest sinker programme made by Kern-Liebers Textile.

Mimaki Tiger-1800B offers high-volume textile printing

The Mimaki Tiger-1800B production-class textile printer offers high-volume digital printing, while offering personalisation and high quality as well. End-users are expanding their boundaries with tiger stripes that give them a different identity. Mimaki is a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting systems for textiles.

The Tiger-1800B attracted a great deal of attention from apparel professionals and brought a fresh breath to digital printing. Being the first model to respond to the high volume production requests only possible with analogue printing to date, the Tiger-1800B offers low cost, flexibility, efficiency, and customisation advantages of digital printing to mass manufacturers. Their motto 'Earn Your Tiger Stripes' foretells new opportunities and is limitlessness in production.

STOLL to show ADF 830-24 W machine at ITMA CITME

Stoll, one of the world's leading manufacturers of flat knitting machines headquartered in Germany, is set to present its new ADF 830-24 W knitting machine at the ITMA Asia + CITME 2018 expo. The international textileexhibition of cutting-edge textile solutions for the global textile industry will be held from October 15 to 19, 2018, in Shanghai, China.

Whether its large textiles, oversizes, unusual cuts, or long patterns, with the ADF 830-24 W and a working width of 84 inches, various textiles for fashion or technical textiles can be realised.

In addition, the ADF 830-24 W is equipped with the innovative Stoll-weave-in technology. This allows knitting of textiles with weave-like optics and properties. A product advantage that directly affects form, comfort, and flexibility: unlike traditional knitwear, weave-like textiles are more stretchable and more comfortable depending on the type of knit.

Newtech displays COOLTRANS printing machines at Interdye

Newtech Textile Technologies, the leader in waterless precision fabric printing from China, displayed the latest printing machines in their COOLTRANS family at the 18th China Interdye show. The Series FP3000 fabric printers presented at the show, use gravure offset printing for incredible detail and colour stability. The Series FP3000 prints both sides of 1.65 metre wide griege in a single pass running at 50 metres/minute. The Series FP3000 uses COOLTRANS room temperature, and a waterless process for creating brilliant colours in patterns or solids.

As it prints solids, the Series FP3000 is a waterless, low electricity replacement for conventional piece dyeing. Series FP3000 also replaces yarn dyeing. It produces fashion-grade denim twills and plaids that are simply printed, yet look woven. COOLTRANS patterns and solids look great on cellulosic, polyamide (nylon) and polyester, in both knits and weaves.

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