FROM CASUAL TO ELEGANT, Fashion Reinvented Fashion

The fashion industry is full of words and jargons that can be hard to follow up with. And the word 'contemporary' is most often used to describe and define almost everything...from clothes to accessories to even footwear. So, if you're confused about the use of this word 'contemporary' while shopping, fret not, for, you maybe more familiar with the word that you think. And, just like in many fashion segments, brands that are defined as 'contemporary' are based on their price points and consumers. Poorvi Karisiddaiah is one emerging designer who merges simplicity, contemporary designs and experimental form thus translating concepts into in her creations that are not only wearable but also chic and trendy.

Poorvi began her career in the field of finance, working for the major part with Tata Asset Management Co.; however, her heart wasn't in finance. So, after seven long years she decided to quit finance to pursue fashion. This 34-year-old then studied Fashion Pattern Making and Garment Construction at NIFT, Kharghar and soon launched her label 'Poorvi'. Her studio is set up and located at her home in Goregaon in Mumbai.

Poorvi animatedly tells us about her label and says, "My brand is just a two-member and my masterji. But I have a very strong support system in my friends and family and (many close friends and relatives are regular clients. I also have clients that I've garnered through exhibitions. My clothes are simple, elegant and current, and hence appeal to people who dress minimal and yet trendy."

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